Investment Casting

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Investment Casting

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This steel casting mounting rod is used in standing devices that support the body in a standing position. And it is exported to US market. As the thickness is very thin, so the part is easy to out of shape. To make sure 100% right, we will do 100% shaping by the fixture.
That is what we will do on every part. For new parts, we will do Production Card and also the Importance and Cautious items will be included. For the key and risky item, we will do 100% final test.
Welcome to contact us for further information about this steel casting mounting rod.
Other common material:
Steel: 1020/1025/4135/4140/8620
Stainless steel: 1.4305/1.4308/1.4306/1.4408/1.4404/1.4507/ 1.4581
We can also use special material as your request.
Surface treatmentAnti-rust
Process Water Glass investment casting + Machining.
Weight 0.54kg
The weight we can do for investment casting process: 0.05-50kg
Application standing devices that support the body in a standing position
For such casting small metal parts, we pack every part by bubble bag , then put them into carton box. Finally, put the carton boxes into plywood wooden boxes.
Weight limit of carton box: 20kg
Weight limit of wooden box: 1ton
For more than 11 years, Qingdao Surely Machinery has been an industrial leader in global Selling and Supply Chain inventory management.
Our main products include sand casting,precision casting,loss wax investment casting,pressure die casting,die forging parts,stamping parts,CNC machining parts and Spinning parts.
All our operations are strictly compliant with ISO 9001: 2008 guidelines and VDA five quality management tools. PDM, MRP, automated investment casting lines, CNC machining, CMM inspection, along with spectrometers and MT testing equipment all contribute to precision, reliability and better QA
Our factory is ISO9001:2015 international quality system certification; the floor space up to 7000 square meters, and there're about 160 workers.
Please find our equipment list below:
injection machine for tree1hareness tester2
duplex Wax Injection Machine12Spectrometer2
Ice water machine1metallurgical Microscope1
stiring tank4tensile testing machine1
sand droping machine2balancing machine1
sand boiling machine2Megnetic tester1
shell making robot1CMM1
drying suspention8salt spraying tester1
Auto-humid controller2pressure testing machine1
central air-conditioning1air pressure tester1
dewaxing Furnace1
dewater wax tank10machining center4
high Frequency induction furnace2numerically controlled lathe10
baking Furnace2radial drilling machine1
shot Blaster with hanger1vertical machine1
cutting machine2CNC numerical control machine7
air plasma cutter1engine lathe2
abrasive belt machine4milling and drilling machin2
shot-blasting machine7tapping and drilling machine8
extractive blasting machine4grinding machine2
extractive blasting machine1Ultrasonic clearing machine1
pickling equipment set2
pressure shaping machine3Pulse dust removal machine4
DC welding machine2Cartridge pulse dust removal machine3
Argon arc welding machine3Acid mist processor2
electr-polish equipment1
polish machine10transformer1
vibrate grinding machine3air compressor 6M31
steam generators1air compressor 2M32
heat treatment furnace3cooling tower2
The investment casting product weight we could produce is 0.05-50kg.
Our main area is machinery spare parts, auto spare parts, Building hardware, vales and pump body, medical accessories and metal tools.Investment Casting

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