How to clean an extremely dirty shower (tiled, with doors)?

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How to clean an extremely dirty shower (tiled, with doors)?

Beitragvon Henrystover » Fr 16. Aug 2019, 09:58

Basically how to get rid of mold and mildew build up? There is blackening in tile grout in the shower, bleach won't even get it out. Maybe fade it if it sits for a few hours, but that's about it. The shower doors (plastic? Plexiglas?) have a thick layer of white water spots built up on them. I've heard vinegar helps, but it doesn't. Scrubbing bleach on the doors does, but I'm looking for less backbreaking labor. Any recommended cleaning solutions? If it involves soaking it can only be for a few hours at a time, during the afternoon or overnight, as it is shared by 6 people.


Silicone Tile Repair

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